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SOLDER WIRE 63/37 NO CLEAN FLUX 2.5% 1.0mm 500g

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10 in stock

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Glow Core is a no clean cored wire solder designed to offer excellent wetting characteristics.

The novel activator in Glow Core produces fast cycle time and powerful capillary action. Glow Core promotes thermal transfer, offering better solder penetration into plated through holes or surface mount interconnections.

Glow Core cored wire produces low-to-medium post-process residues that are electrically safe that do not require cleaning.

– Low Post-Process Residues
– Good Wetting
– Drop-In For No
– Clean Applications
– Can Be Cleaned With Saponifier
– IPC Compliant

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Type General soldering use
Alloy Sn63    63/37

63% Tin

37% Lead

Flux Type Glow Core 2.5%
Flux Attributes No clean; clear, low to medium residues

Excellent wetting on most metals

Pleasant Odor

Melting Point 183°C (eutectic)
Diameter 1.00mm
Reel Size 500g

Glowcore Cored Wire TDS