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This WiFi adaptor can be used with the following RGB / RGBW controllers:


With this WiFi controller it is possible to control many different 2.4GHz controllers via a WiFi network. This is possible through the MiLight app which is available for both Android smartphone and tablet as well for the iPhone and iPad. The connection to the controller can be directly or via a router. When using multiple controllers, each controller can have a different name for a clear overview. How to connect with the controller is clearly noted in the manual.

With a direct connection you are connected directly to the controller. This means that there is no internet access anymore but is often faster.

When a connection to the router is used, there is still Internet access to the controller.

To connect the controller to an existing WiFi network, first the app must be directly connected to the controller. Then it’s possible to select a router and enter a password if necessary. The device restarts and connects to the router.

There are three remotes possible. A 4-channel dimmer, 4 channel color temperature and a 4 channel RGB remote control. To assign controllers to the channels, use the following steps. Remove the power from the controllers which you are planning to add to the channel. After 10 seconds power the controllers back on, and press the desired group “ON” button within 3 seconds. The controllers which are now assigned to the channel will flicker 3 times and the controllers are now coupled.

In order to re-assign channels, first the old channels must be disengaged. This can be done by following these steps. Take off the voltage of the controllers that need to be disconnected. Turn after 10 seconds the power back on, and then within 3 seconds press 6 times on the “ALL ON” button. If the lights then flash 6 times, this means that the action was successful.

To control all the groups at once click the “ALL ON” button. Then all the controllers will respond at once. To control groups click the “ON” button of the group. After that only this group responds.

The “M” button on the RGB remote control will select a preset program. Each time this button is pressed, the next program is selected. With the S + and S- controls the speed of the program can be changed. If different controllers must play the same program synchronous, please make sure that all of these controllers are on the same channel.

The controller can return to its factory settings by pressing the reset button for 5 seconds. The signal light flashes a few times and the controller is now reset.

The controller is powered by a supplied USB cable.

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  • Voltage: 5VDC USB
  • 90x65x15mm