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MC335 | SOLDER WIRE SAVBIT 6 366 5C 0.91MM 250g

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665 in stock

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Multicore Savbit Solder is produced especially to overcome the problem of ordinary tin/lead solders dissolving copper. It is an alloy to which a precise amount of copper has been added so that no further copper absorption should take place during soldering.

Savbit solder has been used by leading electronics manufacturers throughout the world for over forty years. Savbit was originally used to increase the life of copper soldering iron bits. Soldering speed and efficiency are increased by keeping the iron in good condition. Iron-plated bits having a longer life than plain copper tips are now commonly used but they also fail eventually (usually by cracking of the plating) and then erode rapidly unless Savbit solder is used.

It has also been proved that the use of Savbit alloy can improve the strength and reliability of soldered joints very considerably. This is because ordinary tin/lead alloys can erode thin copper wires (as used for leads of electronic components) and thin copper films (as used on printed circuit boards.) This erosion is between 50 and 100 times slower at normal soldering temperatures when Savbit alloy is used.

Type General soldering use
Alloy Savbit 6

60% Tin

38% Lead

2.0% Copper

Flux Type 366 (5 Core) 3%
Flux Attributes No clean; amber residues

Good wetting performance on difficult substrates

Melting Point 183∼190°C
Diameter 0.91mm
Reel Size 250g

Multicore Properties of Solders

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